Do not ask me to turn from you
I ask only that you live.
Hi, this is a place for me to express myself. I blog about my fandoms, ships, tv shows and everything I find somehow interesting. THIS IS NOT BY ANY MEANS A JEFF DAVIS, MOFFAT OR JULIE PLEC FRIENDLY BLOG.

My pic is from cromwyll.



steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿)


folks be sleepin on the most bomb ass girl groups for these basic boy groups who dont do shit besides pelvic thrust on stage and rap terribly




My future husband, baby fava and all that other shit

He Is So Damn Gorgeous!

Yes he is a very handsome man :)

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steve rogers wants to date someone with shared life experience and sam wilson has fought in a war, lost a best friend/partner, and has also jumped out of the top of the triskelion with no guarantee that he’d survive the fall just saying

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Tropes I am not here for:

1. Steve fucking Sam because he can’t have Bucky.

2. Sam nobly declining Steve because Sam knows that the person Steve actually loves is Bucky.

Jfc. People writing this shit. You can love more than one person in your life. Especially if you are 95 fucking years old.

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Nathan and Haley: first and lasts- requested by whycantforeverstarttoday

People: Stop laughing, this is a serious match.


#scott cares: it’s in his blood #he cares about stiles and his mom and allison #but he also cares about the town as a whole #he cares about the children he saves from boyd and cora after they’ve gone feral (having spent 3 months in the vault) #he cares about danny even when he has other places to be #he cares about jackson and comes to save him from derek #even when jackson is wooing allison and being a dick to scott #he cares about lydia and whether or not she gets a choice in this war #scott cares about not only people who are his friends but also his sometimes foes #HE NEARLY DIED BECAUSE HE CARED TOO MUCH ABOUT DEREK HALE #no i’m fine #(also hahahah ”i’m with you” i’M FINE!!!!!) [x]


Manu Bennett Photoshoot (edited by vipvictor)

So, what are your thoughts on the managerial changes?


I’m happy that Notes is gone however I think that we should have been more respectful and waited until he end of the season. He just wasn’t good enough but he should have been treated better, especially if the rumors regarding all the players being disrespectful are true. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors but it’s time for us to move on and rebuild in the summer.